GabrielleGabrielle Vasquez

A Malborn, Gabrielle was turned without authorization from the New Minority by an insurgent vampire clan.  Her mother was ravaged by what appeared to be a Canis.  This drives her hatred for the Canis. As the most trusted and loyal member of the Potentate's Praetorian Guard. Gabrielle has proven herself to be a vicious Canis killer. She has such a deep rooted hatred of the Canis that all her energy is devoted to destroying Canis or training to destroy the Canis.

Her skill and steadfast commitment to The Legion has earned her a permanent position on the prestigious Dragon Praetoria. The Dragon Praetoria is Vlad Teppes personal security force. They carry out his orders without question and have sworn to protect the Legion from all enemies foreign, domestic, human,Canis or Legion.